Company Name : Empower Youth Foundation
Address : India
Contact Number : 9592264949
Email ID :
Category : Internet Online Services
Description : Empower Youth Foundation is a Social Reengineering initiative working towards Development and Overall Fulfilment of Humankind Potential. Our Moto is “
Empowering Youth & Going Beyond”

Empower Youth is an NGO which is working on Career and Skill Development of the People enabling them to lead a better and a Fulfilled Life. To Make this available on a large scale we have created a platform

On Empower Youth You can post Jobs and Internships not to mention this is totally free.

We are also collaborating with various Colleges and taking Opportunities available on the platform directly there. we have a separate module for the same which we are piloting at the moment and we are getting an amazing response from colleges.

Moreover is a complete ATS in making Just like or again not to mention this is totally free.

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