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HyCube Works

Manufacturing Unit & Hardware

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#346 first floor. 17th Main . 14th b cross. HSR section 4 Bangalore 560102

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We at HyCube Works are a rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing company and we want to become the largest and most innovative 3D Printing company. We manufacture state of the art industrial grade, desktop and customised 3D Printers, that are reliable, of superior quality, cost effective and user-friendly 3D printers. We also provide Prototyping services for divisions mainly concentrating on Product development, Automobile, Architecture, Medical, Engineering, Interior décor, R&D, Educational and for hobbyists. We provide India’s largest 3D prototyping-built volume and can print any model from simple to complex designs. We keep our Customer’s designs confidential, and we offer real time solutions customized to your needs and requirements.