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HYDRICH NG ( Next Generation ) Beverage Pvt Ltd

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P-601, The Royal Castle, Thirumudivakkam Main Road, Chennai. 600044

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About us
Water is an essential sustenance for Human’s living. ‘HYDRICH’ escalates itself from other waters by providing Alkaline nature with ORP Energizing water which we call it “Water With Life”.

Hydrich NG (Next Generation) Pvt Ltd is an exclusive manufacturer under the “Make In India” of Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Water with the Technical Collaboration from GLOCOM Ltd, South Korea who are the leaders for this technology in the world.

Hydrich group of company U C Innovation Inc was established in 2016 as a small entrepreneur focusing in Air Purifier systems & became a Private Limited Company in 2018 With a vibrant focus towards the steady Growth & Success of Hydrich Alkaline antioxidant water product. The company has formed a Core Team of well experienced personnel hailing from various industrial sectors of the world.