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F 10 B 05 Shiv Govind Nagar Ameya Park Boisar, Tal/ Dist-palghar Maharashtra

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We, RAUT ORGANICS is dealing with Organic solutions for Automotive care, agriculture, health, home and personal care. Our company has vision and mission to reach out each individuals for awareness and importance of natural and organic concept in today’s world. Our active product range is Eco-friendly and biodegradable which is manufactured in India. ROiniger, the waterless car wash solution is contributing to save millions of litres water. ROiniger gives ample benefits such as scratch and swirls proof, Anti Static, UV protection, No water marks, Non Hazardous, Eco-friendly, Time saving and many more….! ROiniger also used in household cleaning, commercial offices, laminations, glasses, waterproof walls and ceilings etc. We uses solvents that are renewable resource alternative to petroleum-based solvents and are free from toxic, hazardous chemicals.
Our mission is to Save Nature..! Save Future..!