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Our company Mylex InfoTech private limited is specialized in various fields ranging from IT to legal services. The main motive behind a incorporation of a company is to provide unhindered support and solutions in the initials phase of business to the Entrepreneurs/Startups and Business owners which includes company registration, branding ,web development, licensing ,digital marketing and various certification from various bodies.
Our’s is a team wherein experts from various fields like Company secretaries, IT professional, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, lawyers and such like work together under one roof to help Entrepreneurs take their first step to success in business making a reckonable spot in the competitive market.

Mylex Infotech Pvt Ltd came into existence in the vast sea of business on 9 March, 2017 with a capital investment of Rs 10Lakhs and from there on, there has been no stopping or looking back by our company . It is registered under companies act 2013 and successfully received a startup Recogination under startup India initiative on 6 November , 2017 by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.
Not the success doesn’t stop here after receiving the Recogination under DIPP presently the company is functioning through a government allotted space to our company at Software Technology Park of India Mohali.

The Rapid growth of market & the ever changing business trends Mylex Infotech Pvt Ltd was visioned to provide one stop solutions and assistance to all startups/ Entrepreneurs and Business owners to help them with the initial stages of business . It took us one year to decide on our vision & solutions business aspirants at their door steps all at one place in form of Mylex Infotech Pvt Ltd .
The motive of a company is to ensure which customer experience and satisfaction following three basis ideologies which collaborate one stop business solutions , time& management leading to cutting down economic investments.

One stop solution- Since there is a team of expert professionals all present under one roof . It becomes easier for Entrepreneurs/Startups and Business owners as all their initial business needs are catered for addressed at one stop named Mylex Infotech Pvt Ltd. Services provided by our company are varied wide in nature name a few such as legal services, taxation services , financial services ,IT services etc.
In our service to customers our Endeavour to address their needs efficiently & make them feel at home.

Time management a lot of efforts & running around, be it be for documentation on, It base , branding etc which in turn takes a lot of time . Mylex Infotech Pvt Ltd basically aims to save the time taken by any startup during its initial set up as all services are available to customer as a whole package or pick & choose as it suits them. So overall we save money. “Time is money”.
Cut Down Cost : As our services are available at one place which goes a long way in cutting down initial cost that has to be incorporated by any business entity. In other words we provide pocket friendly service to our customers.


• Customer choose us for our simplified approach in providing them high end services all at one place.
• We have in short span of time been able to achieve a comparatively good clientage both in India & abroad.
• The clients are immensely benefited and we are happy to be entrusted by them.
Our team ensures an immediate & response which is also cost effective. .

Services at your doorstep
One of the key highlights of our company is that we provide one stop solutions to startups/ Entrepreneurs and Business owners are not limited to one. Our company provides quality service when it comes to legal and IT services

IT services
Our mission is to build to provide high quality software and IT services. With improved and trained professionals working in our company makes sure that your dream becomes your reality. Our company believes that making a client reach its goal is through practice. Hence our experts value the partnerships with our clients and deliver profitable outcomes. IT services that are offered by our company are listed below
? Web Designing
? App Designing
? Logo Designing
? Search Engine Optimization
? Software Designing

Legal services
Our company specialize in Corporate Legal, Corporate Secretarial, Company Compliance etc. Our company helps Entrepreneurs/Startups and Business owners to set up legal structure of there business and also handles all the compliances of the business.
Some of the services we provide are listed below

• Private Company
• Limited liability partnership
• Single person company
• Proprietorship Firm
• Partnership Firm
• Society
• Trust

Registration and licenses
Often it happens the people need assistance in drafting of all documents need to be filled with department of various licenses services such as fssai , trademark , IEC code etc . Our company provides all types of registration and licenses to make the client's life easy. The registration we provide are listed below
? Trademark
? Copyright
? Patent
? Food license
? IEC code
? Food License (FSSAI)
? Agmark
? Trade License
? Factory license
? MSME Registration
? Marriage Registration

Taxation and finance service
Our taxation and finance team produce global methodologies to give the client impeccable work. By applying disciplinary approach like risk management and technical accounting we keep the clients and tax professionals up to date both globally and locally. Some of the related services offered by our company are listed below
? Pan
? Tan
? Vat
? Service tax registration
? Income tax registration
? Excise registration
? Account maintenance
? Tds returns
? Vat returns
? Service tax returns
? Loan

Products/Software of Company :
Our company also launch various products/ software’s in name of our company such as Inventory management software and school management software.
Satisfied clients
Our company name comes from the mouthing of our satisfied customer. No matter how much branding and publication a company does, if it does not satisfy its customers it is likely to fail in the ongoing business market. Some of satisfied customers from our company are listed below. The following list will automatically generate an image of our company regarding satisfied customers and our market performance.
• Easy link enterprises
• Jaggery box
• Lazeez foods
• Amars kitchen
• Onic enterprises
• Toy cart innovations pvt ltd
• Big bite Pvt ltd
• M/S smart kit solutions
• M/s Pioneer Hospitality
• Big bite private limited
• Borges India Pvt Ltd
• Four stallion Refreshment Private Limited
• Compuworld educational academy
• Aaparya gifting solutions
• India Today
• BR Cabs Solutions Private Limited
• JV SCAN (OPC) Private Limited
• Gyan Darshan Divinity Forum
• Pragyata Foundation
• International Youth Federation

Management team
Our management team comprises of employees that gives the clients impeccable work satisfaction. The key features of our management team range from effective communication and empowering security awareness education. Our skilled management team has the following key features. The management team is headed by Navneet Dhiman and Sachin Minhas
? Identifies the strength and weakness of the employee and works towards maintaining a healthy work environment
? Does new skill test to make the employees know about their passions
? Does numerous activities in groups to accelerate pending projects
? Develops security management programs so that employees have a proper knowledge in securing private information

The private limited company is managed by Navneet Dhiman and Sachin Minhas . They are acting director of the company as well as the promoters.
Our company was founded in 2017 and just about doing business over a year we have our name in printing letterhead, providing visiting card and have our reputation in the digital signature. Since we are always updated with the market trends we stay top of the line. We work under our chairman Navneet Dhiman and his positive attitude, proper knowledge about the market has given an immense hike in profit and helped us expand our franchise. Now we 52-100 employees working for us

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