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HI-224, Sahajanand Chowk, Harmu, Near St.Kuldeep High School, Ranchi, Jharkhand

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Keytodoc owned under keytodoc technologies private limited, register in January 2019. KeyToDoc is india’s first Online / Offline appointment scheduling platform committed to enhance the medical facilities for people residing in rural areas. We offer services like assessing health issues, finding the right doctor, order medicine and book lab test.
In today’s world if someone wants to book a Doctor’s Appointment we need to call in clinic or personally go to that place and book the appointment. This is bigger problem for people residing in rural area. They are very far from internet and such facilities to overcome his/her problem. This consumes precious time of the patient. Also if the doctor cancels his/her schedule, the patient does not come to know about it unless he/she goes to the clinic. Keytodoc develop a system for both type of people, teksavvy or far from internet, aims to simplify the task of the patient and the doctor. It will make patients more relaxed as they do not have to stand in a long queue to fix their appointment and also book an appointment according to their choice in a more convenient way. Doctors need not worry about managing their appointment. Though people are not going to clinic for taking an appointment, appointment gets booked from anywhere and however they want. This helps to save the time of patient. Also the patient can get the doctor of his choice through various filters used in the application. The doctor is also able to view his day to day appointment list which makes it easier for him to plan his schedule. Keytodoc create a bridge to overcome the gap between patient and doctor.
Our Mission is to make a Healthy and happy society by minimizing the gap between public and health services provider.
Our Vision is to be a modern healthcare platform for doctor, hospital or lab centre and general public to manage their medical records and access it anywhere anytime on any devices.