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FletchSys Technologies

Internet Online Services

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Office A2, Opp Shiv Parvati Mangal Karyalay, Dhayri, Pune

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FetchSys, is a technology consulting and research company which works into Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

FletchSys’s name is inspired from the word ‘Fletch’ which means to provide an arrow with feathers for flight. The small fetches provides the arrow with aerodynamic stability which is necessary for it’s flight. Similarly by giving attention to the small but significant aspects of technology we intent to make our products and clients achieve the right target.

Here at FletchSys, we aim to give detail attention to small aspects of technology that makes big impact. Our Consultation approach is always to make the products and services future ready and to use the recent advances in technology for the benefit of our clients. Having said that we give due attention to our learning and and our teams and consultants and always working towards trying, practicing new techniques and discussing them with Industry experts.