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K-Circle Digital Solutions P Ltd

Automobile Services

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Plot 68, Survey 1009, 9th Phase, KPHB, Hyderabad

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K-Circle Digital Solutions P Ltd is a Start-Up into making IOT products - specializing in Automotive space. Their Flagship product is MyCall ( ), an Automatic Accident detection product. MyCall is a gadget that is to be installed in Automobiles; and it detects an accident to that Automobile on its own. It then (a) alerts the Family members of the driver about the accident and its location; (b) provides Emergency Response support (like Ambulance, Hospital etc.,) to the Accident victim during the Golden Hour i.e. the first hour after the Accident. It follows up with an Emergency Support Center (ESC)'s 24X7 follow-up service as well to ensure the Accident victim gets the support that he needs. What more..?! The customers of this Product also gets an Accident Insurance worth RS 50,000 absolutely free with the product.
It's a product that every Car owner must have in his car..!
MyCall assures Travel Safety - as it saves the valuable minutes..!!