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Euclid India Pvt Ltd


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2nd and 3rd Floor, Ashoka Janardhan Chambers, 1-10-72, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500016

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Euclid is a leading provider of business-centric IT management software that enables global 2000 corporations to rapidly achieve effective IT governance. Euclid enables CIOs to proactively align IT with the business, deliver value and communicate performance in terms the business understands, the CFO will approve, and the corporate governance committee requires. Featuring industry-leading executive business-centric dashboards, Euclid's comprehensive suite of BizSmart applications help CIOs achieve effective IT governance by ensuring strategic alignment, performance measurement, value delivery and risk management. World-class organizations recognize that information capabilities are strategic and that strategic positioning of the IT capability is central to maintaining sustainable advantage in the marketplace. In order to focus the total IT portfolio on "value adding activities", a company needs an accurate and central view of all IT performance information. A company needs to know not only if the IT function is running efficiently, but also if the function is effective. These two concerns are the essence of the IT governance issue in corporations today. And it is these concerns that Euclid seeks to look after in its clients worldwide.