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Jade MacRury

Computer & IT Services

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51 Bruce Gardens, DUNFERMLINE, KY11 8HG, 51 Bruce Gardens

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Design details – We’ll look at your current website and/or websites you like and discuss how you want or need to set up your own. Do you need a website that primarily provides information? Do you need an e-commerce function built in? Perhaps you’re a blogger who really wants to focus on creating quality content and prefer a beautiful website set up in a particular way?

Business Goals – What do you want to achieve and how can your website help you? This is what we’ll discover together when you complete the Business Goals Review Form. We’ll then have a 30-minute discussion to talk about your answers in greater detail so we can be sure to create a website that is perfect for you.

Marketing Strategy – A popular business speaker has said that marketing is the one business activity that actually generates income but most businesses do not place much attention to it. If your website is to work for you, it needs to be able to bring in more sales. We’ll meet for 1 hour, during which we’ll discuss your answers to the Business Goals Review Form. This will be the foundation of our brainstorming session, after which you will have recommendations on how best to increase your sales after your site is launched. Not only will you have a specific plan of action, you’ll also have a website that incorporates the marketing strategy you are adopting.

Ease of Use – Remember, you only have about 15 seconds to capture your audience’s interest before they leave your site. So, I’ll look at your site and check how easy it is for the average user to use. Does each page align with your business goals? Is there anything too busy or difficult to read? Is navigation straightforward? You will receive a written report that you can browse at your leisure.

SEO Ranking – SEO is the method used to increase your website’s position in search engine’s site (like Google). Basically, we want your site to have a high ranking so that more people will actually be directed to your website. I will be utilising plugins and tracker codes to ensure that you achieve the high rank you deserve.

Support – I won’t just be creating your website and then leaving you to figure out the mechanics afterwards. You will be as involved in the website-creation process as you want to be so you can learn how to navigate the backend. In fact, within the 2 consecutive months post-launch, I will be there to answer any questions you may have so that you can be confident in your ability to manage your new and improved website on your own. If you want me to provide ongoing support even after we launch your site, then check out the Maintenance Packages where you can choose one to suit your needs. Creation Package clients get a special discount!