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PeopleStrong HR Services Pvt Ltd


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C-81 B, DLF Super Mart - I, DLF City - IV, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002

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PeopleStrong is a global HR Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Process consulting firm delivering a complete range of integrated services to help companies manage their total HR functions and employee costs, enhance HR services and improve the quality of human resource. PeopleStrong provides services and support for all transactional HR functions spanning the employee life cycle, including Recruitment Processes, Employee Onboarding, HR Helpdesk, Payroll & Benefits, and Exit Management. We are a team of HR professionals led by HR thought leaders, with team skills and experience across verticals in the HR industry. Given these dynamics, the PeopleStrong team superlatively qualifies to gauge, evaluate, recommend and consistently deliver quality solutions for your HR needs and challenges. Our mission is to provide highly specialized quality transactional HR services and products to clients across the globe and become an end to end HR services provider, providing operational efficiency along with quality delivery. Excellent HR domain process understanding and customer service skills with completely confidential, reliable, and trustworthy operations have been our key to success.