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PK4 Software Technologies Pvt Ltd


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37, Kempapura Hebbal, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560024

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PK4 is a Bangalore-based software company that delivers software solutions in a revolutionary manner: by reducing team-size and increasing the use of tools and technologies. This increases productivity, reduces time-to-delivery and delivers bug-free, scalable software. Not to mention reducing the complexity of software infrastructure. Our customers include Alps Engineering (Japan, US), Federal Express (US), Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers (India), Prometeo (Italy), Telecom Italia (Italy), Transtar Metals (US and China), Unisource (US) and UTI Bank (India), among others. Our solutions cover sales force automation, reporting, portals, eCommerce and operational systems on mainframes, IBM AS/400s, UNIX servers and Windows platforms. We build web-based business apps that are fast, effective and specific to customer needs. Putting our money where our mouth is, we offer customers fixed-price estimates on time and effort, clearly defining what they can expect from a PK4 solution. We deliver practical solutions - on time and within budget, guaranteed to increase customer profitability and productivity, while reducing costs. Our experience, accrued body of knowledge and usage of tools ensures that we can build a custom solution faster and more effectively than most anyone else. PK4 provides state-of-the-art solutions and 24/7 support for customers world-wide. Our combination of services skills and product technologies is ideal for long-term relationships that deliver continuing value.