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TriVium iCOPE Technologies Pvt Ltd


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6, PSS Plaza, Wind Tunnel Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560017

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iCOPE is an industry agnostic connectivity solutions company. It provides software engineering and product realization services, which help enhance end user connectivity. iCOPE is a long-standing player in this space, working with clients in Germany and the US. Within the end user connectivity space, iCOPE is focused in providing solutions in specialized areas of messaging technologies, voice and telephony technologies and Internet technologies. Leveraging its core competencies in messaging and voice and telephony, it integrates these skills and a vast repository of its own frameworks and components to create powerful applications in these domains. iCOPE has consistently delivered value to technology providers and software product companies all over Europe, the US and India through enduring partnerships. It delivers value to all engagements in a unique 'iCOPE way' which encompasses precision engineering, technology leadership, process leadership and asset protection.