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Startup Chattogram

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Startup Chattogram, Chittagong Bangladesh

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There are so many hurdles for early stage
entrepreneurs. Startup Chattogram is a platform
where the early stage entrepreneurs can learn about
different things which they need in their business. We
generally have domain specific Event &meetups,
Workshops every month. This is also a platform to
meet likeminded people. Startup Chattogram which is
ideal for students and new entrepreneurs who are
ready to start their entrepreneurial journey. Startup
Chattogram on strong skills like communication,
collaboration, and leadership which are significant for
building up a business.
Startup Chattogram aims to pursue the
following goals, - Create an accelerator and its
accompanying ecosystem of entrepreneurs. To
provide entrepreneurship resources and connect
the entrepreneurs with the local and global
network for fostering their growth.
To reduce the burden of poverty from the society
and turn poverty stricken Bangladesh into the
land of entrepreneurs.

- Startup Talk Chattogram presents Star^up Chattogram
- Agamir Chattogram
- Startup Chattogram 2.0
- Chattogram Startup Investor Forum
- Startup Huddle Chittagong (Global Entrepreneurship
- Chattogram Model Youth Parliament
- Tarunner Budget
- Founders Meet Up
- Entrepreneurship Boot camp
- Investor Night
- Startup School 1.0
- Chattogram Global Co- Working