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Jobwire is an online forum to help people make smarter career option. Our key focus is to provide human resource solution. Job-wire helps Job seekers to connect with the right people and let you get a job on your demand lines of your choice. Our solution helps recruiters to find, hire and enlist top talent.\ \
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We support entrepreneur for starting new ventures and bringing up new products based on latest technology. We also help them in connecting with investors to exhibit their products and services. We also encourage entrepreneurs by providing Online tools for their business growth with very minimal cost.\ \
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In our platform investors can find latest products and services listed by the entrepreneurs. We connect investors with entrepreneurs upon their request. We provide investor a gateway to investment opportunity in startups.\ \
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For Job oriented training institutes and collage placement cells, we give an opportunity to connect with recruiters and start-up to place their students for internship (or) Jobs. They can also list their services in the portal.