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Following services, we can offer you.

1. Accounting:- Best in class services for Bookkeeping. We can give you accounting in any software like Tally, Quickbooks, Busy, etc. (Our additional feature:- Apart from regular accounting we will provide an evaluation as well. By the help of evaluation we will know our profit and loss as well as cost on regular basis. )
2. GST:- We need to take care of this each month because its a very sensitive practice any lacking leads us a heavy penalty. I provide each month GST report to you. (Our additional feature:- Apart from GST filling we will provide matching of input credit as well as GST audit.)
3. Invoicing:- Help you in better-invoicing practices.
4. Emails:- Taking cares of emails of you legal as well as Financial matters.
5. Travels:- Helping in travel booking of the company. We have our clients who deal with travel services. We connect you with them and they can arrange a great traveling package for your company. They are our trusted vendor who providing their services from 5-6 year with no downfall with the best price.
6. TDS:- Preparing TDS calculations and employees whole payroll processes like ESIC, PF and Form 16. (Our additional feature:- Apart from TDS process we will arrange some seminars for your employees so that we can understand the tax system and this will help them in planning their tax saving. This is an additional facility a company can provide to its employees so they become happy.)
7. Admin:- Any kind of help related to company admin we are here for help. (Our additional feature:- I started my carrier with startup companies that's why we know how to handle any situation in the company because the small company hires me for their HR, Admin and CA parts and we prove them we are good in all area. These company now in very stable condition and their admin environment is solid.
8. Out of India services:- We provide legal and formation services in USA, Uk, and Singapore. You find a complete solution with us because we know how to handle out of India legal part with India.
9. Legal:- We can take care of all your legal agreements and legal matters in admin and HR.
10. Networking and internet:- As my lots of clients are IT clients so we have good knowledge in this area as well we can help you in these areas.
11. Other:- Lots of other services like "connect". We can connect you with some IT companies. Maybe you can find some business from there. Audit, ROC filing, Company formation, Patent, trademark, etc.
12. Banking and Forex Services:- We can help you in better banking services and can help you in forex good rate transaction. We have a good relationship with the bank so we can help you with Bank.