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Marvel Engineering Co.


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28 Deivasingamani Road, Royapettah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600014

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On-line Fluid, Gas & Emission Analysers,Total Efficiency Systems, Portable Flue Gas & Emission Analysers, Flue Gas Dust, Opacity Monitors, Acoustic Steam leak Detection systems, Boilerwatch Acoustic Pyrometer Units, Versatile Coal Analysers, AAQM Systems continuous and mobile with unique software, Portable vibration analysers, on-line vibration monitoring and turbovisory systems, accelerometers, velocity & eddy current probes, Portable vibration calibrator, Airbourn Particile counters, Liquidborne particle counters, Electrical test& measurements, FFT multichannel and paperless recorders, Turbine, PD, Veortex, Mag, Mass Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Totalizers, Most Advanced Helium Leak Detectors, portable & on-line toxic, LEL Detection systems for gases and vapours for personnel safety, Coating materials for boiler tube integrating, Pressure sensor, Portable and online water quality analysers, IR thermal imaging cameras, Compact mV, mA and temperature calibrators