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Ready Test Go Pvt Ltd


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No. 22, Oliver Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600004

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ReadyTestGo (founded in 2000) is an independent software QA and testing services company, helping maximize software application quality, performance and availability while managing the costs and risks for its clients. Being an independent testing service provider enables ReadyTestGo to scrutinize applications for defects in an impartial manner. ReadyTestGo offers a wide range of services spanning the entire gamut of software testing and has successfully completed 150 engagements for several application development firms, software product companies, e-commerce vendors, banks, financial services and healthcare companies wolrdwide. ReadyTestGo is part of the 2200-strong CSS Group (founded in 1996), with a global presence through offices in San Jose, New York, London, Frankfurt, Singapore and Chennai. It has a state-of-the-art testing facility in Chennai and satellite labs in San Jose and Singapore.