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Lakshmi Enterprises


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309 Thiruvagoundanur Byepass, Salem, Tamil Nadu - 636005

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Centralised Lubrication Systems-Pneumatic Oil Pump,Motorised Heavy Duty Grease Pump,Automatic Lubrication Unit,Pressure Switch, Pneumatic Grease Pump with Drum Press arrangement for High Grease Consumption Application, Manual Grease,pump,Automatic Lubrication Unit,Manual Grease Pump with Progressive block,Gravity Oil Drop Feeder,Dual Line Dose Feeders,Pneumatic Grease Gun,Electronic Controller,Motorised Gease Lubricator for rotary Kilns,Manual Two Line Grease Pump, Pre-circulating Lubrication Unit for Rubber Mixing Mills,Celendaring machine,Automatic Lubrication Unit,Multipoint Oil/Grease Lubricator,Multipoint Oil Lubricator with Sight windows for Benberry Mixture,Motor Pump Assembly,Rotary Pumps,Fittings & Tubing for Lubrication System,Electric Hoists,Flame Proof Hoists,EOT/HOT Cranes,Jib Cranes,Cage/Goods-Lifts