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Futuron Synergie Pvt Ltd


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200, Greenwood Builders Area, Pocket 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201308

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Futuron Synergie as strategic business associate aims to provide services in IT& IT enabled services, Voluntary services, Housing, Agro-tech, Communication and Advertising and Marketing. Futuron Synergie provides innovative business models and technologies to put them in operations. It not only optimizes your operations but also value adds by bringing in multi lateral horizontal slices of mutually symbiotic commercial activities. Futuron Synergie is passionate about visualizing things in its both `macro and micro' form and finding out the unexplored areas of commercially potential but hitherto un-chartered field of economic activities. A private limited company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, Futuron Synergie is credited for some of the most spectacular solutions in its area of core specialties. Member of a consortium of organizations, Futuron Synergie provides leadership in planning, strategizing and implementations to its members.