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Selected as the best FinTech innovators of 2018 by KPMG. Get one of the fastest, easiest ways to turn your cryptocurrency into fiat for shopping or withdraw your funds at any ATM worldwide.

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Watch Netflix at work by making it look like you’re on a conference call. Just go to the show you want to catch up on during work hours, and press the extension’s icon in your Chrome menu to bring up a fake four-person conference call.

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Become an intelligence investor of the Cindicator platform & contribute your intellectual assets to get rewarded. Improve your trading strategies with Hybrid Intelligence market sentiment and predict indicators on traditional assets & others.

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Listen to the best articles on the Internet. It lets you save time and enjoy content on-the-go. Instead of reading your blogs on the computer, you can listen to them while you drive, run or cook. All audio articles on Listle are read by humans.

Helium Hotspot
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Built to power the world's first peer-to-peer wireless network, the Helium Hotspot rewards owners for connecting. Anyone can join The People’s Network and earn rewards by plugging in a Helium Hotspot and providing wireless coverage.

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Locus is an intelligent logistics automation platform with in-built route planning and vehicle allocation engine which improves consistency & efficiency of operations, higher customer satisfaction with high adherence to SLAs & last mile live tracking

IBlue Hub Tax Invoice Generator
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Create free Tax, Sales Invoices, VAT receipts via our online tool absolutely for free. Use it for unlimited uses with no hidden costs.

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A publishing platform where you can read & share stories that you want on subjects you care most about.

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Exam Preparation Simplified. We are on a mission to reshape the process of how students prepare online for competitive exams. We provide users with relevant analytics on his performance in the mocktests to pinpoint their weak areas of preparation.