Name : Syscom Solutions
Website :
About the scam :

The person named Shreyas Sudarshan managing a company (no idea how far it is genuine) Syscom Solutions

offers to make websites at a minimum cost of 3000. However he creates fake Facebook accounts to do these posts. One in the name of Varsha Var -

So this fellow acted as a female to receive money to his gpay account saying that it belongs to his manager. He does a bit of work and disappears for few days and again comes back on chat and disappears again (as its a fake account). And finally one day totally disappeared after making me pay some approx 9000 for various services.

I had my company's legal advisor call him and check and he said that Varsha is his employee who had run away few months earlier. However when questioned about why would Varsha direct my payments to his gpay account he had no answer.
How could an employee who wasnt working for him since few months respond to me on his phone, email and gpay. He had no answer for that and was just lying to cover up.

Just before I thought I had enough and would escalate it to the Police, he said he will finish the work and responded to me frm the fake female ID that he had created, which is very evident that it was him who was just cheating people with fake IDs.

I refused to take his support anymore and told him to finish the work and give me the site credentials so that I could assign it to my developer, well he disappeared again. Does not answer calls, blocked me on facebook, no response to texts.

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Posted By : Bharathy Piridi
Email :
Dated : July 23, 2019

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